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Chasing Lizards and Other Memories


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'Chasing Lizards...and other memories' is a reconciliation of fragmented memory through the use of narrative non-fiction and prose. It illustrates how memory sticks to places we go, how it adheres to our clothes, how it mares our speech, and how it comes to define our livelihoods in later years. Through the realisation that black women, existing at the intersection of race and sex, tend to shrink back and be silenced, the stories in this book, along with self-portraits aim to take up space and lay waste to the reoccurring theme of being bent into shape. With an unflinching intensity, these stories and prose are told as a vigilante's indirect analysis of micro-moments that fit into wider political realities, such as poverty and racism. They're tales of returning to what is known to be true, but it also points to a future where new experiences, tales of love, nostalgia and joy can be carved out. I'm interested in how certain memories are concealed as acts of self-protection and what behaviours form as result. There is a yearning for personifying ruin and accommodating it in order to find healing. If the past and its nostalgia are point A, and the future with its eager possibilities is point B, then this book exists as the bridge necessary for the journey between the two points.
Documentation: Sherida Kuffour, Akwasi Kuffour, Philippa Andoh
Dimensions: 145mm × 240mm
144 pages

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